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Screaming O Octopus

Screaming O Octopus

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ScreamingO Octopus Vibrator

Looking to add some extra excitement to your bath time? Why not heat up your cleansing rituals with this naughty little fella. Your ScreamingO Octopus is the adult bath toy that's sure to bring plenty more steam to your soak. Don't be fooled by his cute exterior this guys tentacles will tantalise your senses.

Enjoy the tentacles that can sensually massage your body from top to toe with up to 80 minutes of powerful vibrations. Your Screaming O Octopus can be used over again with its replaceable batteries so he can keep creating waves for you.


  • Super cute appearance for the easily intimidated

  • Tingling tentacles

  • Waterproof for fun in the bath

  • Intense vibrations at the tips of its eight tiny tentacles

  • 80+ minutes intense vibrations

  • Replaceable batteries

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