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Fun Factory The Play Box

Fun Factory The Play Box

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Kit for penis prostate and more

  • 3 best-selling men toys combined in one¬†kit

  • COBRA LIBRE II¬†‚Äì the¬†unique penis head vibrator

  • MANTA ‚Ä쬆vibrating stroker with flexible wings

  • BOOTIE RING ‚Äì our penis ring with anal plug

  • TOYFLUID lube CLEANER two TOYBAGs & stylish gift box

The PLAY KIT is the ideal gift for anyone who likes to experiment. Inside the attractive gift box are there popular toys and extras for treating prostate glans and more to unknown pleasures. In this specially priced sex toy kit you’ll find everything your heart desires. 

COBRA LIBRE II The unique men's toy surrounds the head of the penis with silky smooth silicone and powerful vibrations from two extra-strength motors. Our tip for two-player games:  One lies down on their back using COBRA LIBRE and the other straddles them—on top of the toy. This way two can enjoy the powerful vibrations at once.

MANTA With its flexible wings surrounds the penis intensifying the feeling of the ultra-powerful vibrations. MANTA is great for masturbating for rhythmic back and forth motions or for hitting your hotspots. Plus your penis becomes a vibrator that can stimulate you and a partner at the same time.

BOOTIE RING + MORE Part penis ring and part anal plug the best-selling Bootie Ring anal toy stimulates the prostate and perineum simultaneously to immediately kick your orgasm up a level. But don't forget to use lube! That’s why in addition to the 2 ToyBags (M) and Cleaner  we’ve also included our water-based Toy Fluid in the box.

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