Demoniq Lingerie - Dark Desire - Sandra - Extra Extra Large

Demoniq Lingerie - Dark Desire - Sandra - Extra Extra Large

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Predatory perverse full of energy the Sandra set leaves no doubt.

The Sandra set has been made thinking of you if want to express your energy and highlight the excellent shape of your body in modern and attention seeking lingerie. The included Bra reveals your breasts and on the back there is a visually interesting set of black rubber bands.
Although the bra included looks spectacular it is the predatory shorts that are the essence of this set. The extra spice is given by straps on your hips with a silver spike at the front. On the back a strap connects to the shorts and gives a vertical line running between the buttocks. This connection at the back gives the effect of a thong being worn under shorts.

The set includes:



Colour: black

Size: S M L XL XXL