Cosmopolitan Ultra Violet - Pink

Cosmopolitan Ultra Violet - Pink

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“Ready or not. Here I come. Again”

Clitoral stimulator

This traditional vibrator comes with its own anti-bacterial case that goes to work sterilizing your toy after you put it away. With a girthy bulbous textured tip at the end of an arrow-straight shaft its multispeed motor will thrill your senses and drive you over the edge to intense pleasure. As easy-going finger-loop grip with ergonomic access to the controls lets you focus your attention on your sensual experience. After you clean your toy place it into its sterilizing case for ultimate peace of mind.


  • - Silicone vibrator with sterilizing case

  • - Classic traditional vibrator shape

  • - Bulbous round tip with stimulating textures

  • - Multispeed motor with easy to use controls

  • - Made from creamy smooth silicone

  • - Comfortable ergonomic grip

  • - Easy access to controls from finger loop

  • - A soft glow emits from case when toy is being sterilized

  • - Eliminates 90% of bacteria in the case

  • - 7.6” long 1.5” wide

  • - Weight 6.25oz

  • - Fully rechargeable USB cable included

  • - Phthalate & latex free

  • - Water-resistant